Exclusive: Higher CPU/Lower Price

Now you can choose among V3, V4, V5 & V6 Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPUs while ordering a Romania Dedicated Server.

RO servers starting at $71.99

You Can Order now: https://pakiwebhost.com/dedicated-servers/

5th Apr 2019
XEN, KVM Linux and Windows Octa cores

We have doubled our cores on all our XEN and KVM (Linux & Windows) plans for the same price, double the power with your XEN and KVM platforms! https://pakiwebhost.com/vps-hosting/

30th Nov 2018
OpenVZ SSD available for order

We are proud to offer our current and potential customers the option to purchase SSD VPS with our OpenVZ platform at https://pakiwebhost.com/SSD-hosting/ starting at just $3.99 USD.

7th Sep 2014
/64 IPV6 with every dedicated server.

If you require IPV6 with your dedicated server, we're happy to offer you a /64 by default.

1st Sep 2014